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White Collar

Neal Caffrey, a white collar criminal, teams up with the FBI to catch other white collar criminals using his skills as a thief, counterfeiter, and conman.

As Neal helps the FBI solve complex cases, he also tries to uncover the truth about his past and his relationship with FBI agent Peter Burke.

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60 min.



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4.43/5 (94 ratings)

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as Neal George Caffrey
as FBI Special Agent Peter Burke
as FBI Agent Clinton Jones
as Mozzie
as Elizabeth Burke
as FBI Agent Diana Barrigan
as FBI Agent Lauren Cruz


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Latest comments

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by posted
It was alright. The whole of this final season felt like it was building up to something that never really came. I was a little disappointed, but glad to see it worked out.
by posted
the ending was OK, i love this show but i really wanted more for the final season. It was like they just copied the ending from some book or other show and just made that fit for this finale. A little disappointing but at least Neal is free.
by posted
I enjoyed this show, and liked the energy of the 6th season. But I just watched the final episode and while it was also exciting, after thinking it over, I was greatly disappointed.
For a show with some very complex plots and sub-plots, the last episode felt like it was written by the last writer out the door, right before he turned out the lights.

Neal really did have no reason to question Peter's word about actually letting him go, especially with the contract.
By setting up his 'death', he gravely hurt Peter/Elizabeth & Moz.

If Moz actually thought Neil was dead, then he would have kept the 20 mil and left the country. He had far shallower ties to the US / NYC than Neal, plus spending the cash in the US would be very risky, (even though the cash was 'untraceable'. Also, what would Neil have used for funds to live & travel?

If Moz was in on Neil's deception, then he would almost certainly re-connect with Neal after they both left the country to give N his cut. He had no reason to stay in NYC, no reason to be melancholy and go back to where he first met Neil, no reason to meet Peter, and what he said to Peter was that much more cruel.

Also, it really left a bad taste in my mouth that the writers had Neil end up robbing the US gov. That blew the last 2-3 seasons worth of his deciding that he wanted to go straight so he could remain in NYC, his home. And that doing good was more fun and less risky.

It would have been very easy to write that the 1/2 billion was drug money stolen previously by the Pink Panthers, and re-stolen by Neil. And it would have been in character for he and Moz to set it ups so most (but not all) was captured by the FBI, therefore setting up N & M's "retirement fund".

Finally, the writers even missed a really slick opportunity to bring the end to the beginning. The bottle of wine delivered to Peter should have triggered P's memory about the first episode and Kate's bottle that was a message. He should have remembered the bottle, gone back to Kate's apartment where he recaptured Neil, (first episode), found that the key let him in, and discovered Neils planning supplies. (Not in a storage container rented for more than a year??)
by posted
Nice final season the 6 episodes allowed them to have a defined plot that wasn't watered down.
by posted
Rebecca <3
by posted
Or if downloading is considered illeagal, there are also streaming sites...
by posted
AnneLee said:
For some reason, I thought White Collar had been canceled and the last season was when Neal "ran" with the fortune. Any ideas how to catch the reruns?

Just Google (example) " White Collar S05e01 " Plenty of direct download sites to choose from. :lol:
by posted
Yeah, it's not like there isn't lots of free and accurate advice on the web about how to commit that kind of larceny. What's odd about the bittorrent downloading of TV shows is that many people appear to do it just so they can watch the shows without commercials. Also, the downloaders are, as a group, major (above average) consumers of legitimate streaming services. Some even pay for streaming they don't use to justify (to themselves) the illegal downloads. Again its the annoying commercials (not just the content of commercials, which is often quite entertaining, but the interruptions to the flow of the show.) The old (less than 80 years old) advertising model for "free" (or not so free via cable) electronic entertainment is breaking down and it's unclear what will replace it.
by posted
graybags said:
The only way I know of would be to download them illegally using torrents... But I'd never suggest doing anything so naughty... I don't even know what the forum rules are for discussing such things.

i do not think there are any rules on such subject. discuss as you like. Unless you are afraid that someone is monitoring your posts (who is not supposed to be in this site).
by posted
36 hours is more than enough to watch a single season... assuming you have no work, family, basically no life outside of tv. :P