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Whodunnit? (2013)
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Whodunnit? (2013)

This is a mystery reality competition pitting 13 amateur sleuths against each other in a quest to solve a series of puzzling murders.

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60 min.
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by posted
And her rhyming to him at the end was just like what. It was funny when it was the voice changer, but in person it was funny for the wrong reasons. The show took itself way to seriously and not at all at the same time. They needed to either go all the way with either. Not the half and half bullshit that made it what it was.

Also the hyping up being freaked out from the dead bodies was mental. Its makeup you saw them move in order to get to the morgue you know all this shits fake why act like its real. It just made questioning if their just really bad actors or not the main focus of the show rather then the actual show.
by posted
lol ikr... i was expecting them to hug it out .... you won! i'm the killer.. but then wait... you dont wanna hug the killer even when she's a hottie like kris. I think he was simply too exhausted at the end to realize he had won =p
by posted
Yuppers the ending made less sense then anything else which is saying something
by posted
Extremely disappointed with ending. Not that Kris was the killer, just the fact that Cam won solely b/c he was a faster runner. His pick of the killer was wrong every week (Geno & Lindsey) yet it had no relevance in the end. The show had lotsa potential was very poorly executed (pun intended ;) )
I highly doubt it will return
by posted
Well the rhymes were the best part of the finale. It's a decent concept for a show but the execution was horrible. The fact it was Kris was kind of obvious once the comment about her never being scared came up. The show doesn't do settle well.
by posted
Every reality show I have even half watched this summer the last 4 are always the ones who bug me the most. If Kris isn't the killer she's the only one left I care to win it.
by posted

I really wanted ronnie to win =(
by posted
Nothing about this show makes any sense so I wouldn't be surprised if it's the Butler or hell the cougar killed everyone. Out of all the reality show I have caught in passing this one still makes the least amount of sense and I am actively watching it.

They all seem like actors as their over playing everything, like being afraid of the cougar waking up when what they were looking at was clearly stuffed, and being freaked out at the morgue when they know it's all makeup. Yet if their all actors how is it possible for someone to win any money, unless there suppose to just over play it for the camera then it's a badly fake reality. Also the killers role still makes no sense and seems like a secondary thing and the show is almost over.

Whoever does the editing sucks on this show.
by posted
Since they keep saying that the killer is one of those still alive, for example when they are all gathered they say that one of them is the killer, it would be wrong if the killer was not among them. You can use tricks and what not but not okay to blatantly lie with the clues.

I havent been able to make any sense of anything in episode 4 or 5. I am sure there is a lot of clues but i havent been able to spot any of them for who might be the killer.

Lindsey seem to be very suspicious but it might also be clever editing to make her look that way. Chris is the most devious for sure. Chris might be scared of making big moves that will reveal her.

Ronnie been kinda suspicious last few episodes but his move to save himself with info was odd. In a way not what a killer would do i think but at the same time it was a good way for him to split up that alliance if that was the case.

Geno is still my choice. His attempt to try and split up the Kam pact felt like a killer move.

Still not that much to go on. I really dont have any idea who the killer is.
by posted
This show seems to make less sense every week. I have no idea how it made it to air with so much confusion to what exactly the killers point is.

If the killer is anyone but Kris or Lindsey I will be shocked