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Wilfred (US)
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Wilfred (US)

Based on the popular Australian show of the same name, adapted for FX by David Zuckerman. Jason Gann, the star of the original series, has agreed to be involved in the new project.

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Aired on:
30 min.
3.5/5 (8 ratings)
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Latest comments

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by posted
Just watched 2 final episodes aswell just now and enjoyed it, good ending and we can put what we want in it!
by posted
Sorry for bumping the thread, but I didn't have a chance to watch the rest of the final season until now. I liked the finale... it was satisfying for me and I'm gonna miss the show.
by posted
I liked it too. I was a bit too quick to say it was just "okay" when in my mind I was comparing it to other shows that weren't even in the same genre. Apples to oranges.

My (very) basic understanding of this show.
So, not Wilfred. Ryan.
- he's the love child of two very mentally ill parents
- he has some recollection, maybe subconscious, of the "Flock of the Grey Shepherd" happenings
- Jenna's actual dog Wilfred showing up in his life at that time was a trigger of some sort for those manifestations
- he smoked a bunch of weed around an animal that led to it's untimely demise via lung cancer*

Ryan realizes this after Wilfred passes away and he meets his real dad. He also begins to accept that that is who he is and that he NEEDS that manifestation to help him deal with situations in life. Not necessarily the best way to live, but it works for him and he ends up doing what he needs to do to be happy.

I believe the point of this show (fable, if you will) is that in most cases perception is reality and everyone has their own way of dealing with things. Do what you must to be happy. Live as best as you can for yourself and the people around you.

*There isn't enough data to support the assumption that smoking marijuana can make you more susceptible to cancerous growths any more so than breathing city smog. Tobacco on the other hand. . .

I'd love to hear other peoples' thoughts on this. Please feel free to call attention to anything I may have missed. I do want to go through this series again because I think it's brilliant. Some day. Let's discuss. :)
by posted
I actually liked the ending..
I remember reading an article where the creators or producers said Wilfred would not be a god. The ending was satisfying - he realized Wilfred was an illusion created in his mind but decided he wanted that illusion to continue in the end :)
by posted
They atleast keep you guessing :)
by posted
This fucking show. . . :lol:

Yeeeah, it was okay. I appreciated that the show continued to fuck with us viewers throughout. Still trying to wrap my head around what exactly they were alluding to. Maybe that's the point. hahahaha
by posted
Eh, it was okay.
by posted
I'm a 3 legged dog dude, woooohoooo!

by posted
Huh, wonder how this will end.
by posted
latitude75 said:
Saving me up some episodes and gonna have a nice weekend watch soon :cool:

This is me today! :)