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Premium features
  • moviesMovies - add and keep track of all your movies (no limit) and discover new, great ones through the charts!
  • cool new sections, available to Premium Members only:
    • UpcomingUpcoming Shows- the best upcoming tv shows (pilots). Can also show the most anticipated shows premiering their second season.
    • From My CreatorsFrom My Creators - the top shows by the same creators of the shows from your watchlist.
    • TrendsTrending Shows - a chart showing the currently trending shows (being added to watchlists). Filterable by genre and trending period.
    • Show StatsUpcoming Shows - for each show, get more info like episode count, premiere date, how many people have it in their watchlist etc.
    • Time SpentUpcoming Shows - get an idea of how much time you have spent watching your shows and how much time you need to see the rest.
  • configurable - site and email notifications, which look like this: notification settings - new | opened | read.
  • PRO features, no ads and no limitations on the mobile app (both on iOS and Android)
  • acquired status for Episodes and Movies. Keep track of not only what you've seen, but what TV shows and Movies you have as well!
  • filterable HD Released status (and notifications) for Movies for when a movie has been scene released in HD!
  • ability to hide from the site: special episodes, "not tracked" shows and non-English shows.
  • import from IMDb lists (your own or public top charts/lists).
  • customize season/episode formatting sitewide to either s1e3 (which is the default), s1e03, s01e03, 1x3, 1x03 and more.
  • create custom tags and tag shows to organize and filter your Episodes better.
  • export your Calendar to iCal and import it to your Google Calendar, iOS, Android etc.
  • personalized RSS feeds for episodes in your Watchlist and your Episodes list.
  • undo mechanism in Episodes so you can easily revert your recent changes.
  • sort your Episodes by Recently Watched, to help you binge older shows.
  • more functionality for the custom Search Engines, like searching by episode in Episodes, showing the Search Engines on the home page etc.
  • username highlighted as to show you're being a supporter and a Premium Member.
  • requests for new shows are expedited (will generally be added within a day or two).
  • as a Premium Member, your requests for new features will have a higher weight and stuff can be developed and tailored specifically for you.