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Wonder Woman

The classic DC Comic series is being revamped by David E. Kelley and will feature the ever-popular Wonder Woman.

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3/5 (2 ratings)

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Latest comments

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by posted
Shame, thought there might be hope one day:

As per my previous thread. :)
by posted
Scary stuff...
by posted
Hollywood has not given up on Wonder Woman. One year after the buzzy David E. Kelly pilot about the world’s most famous superheroine failed to make NBC’s schedule, Vulture is reporting that Warner Bros. TV is in the very early stages of developing a new Wonder Woman series for the CW, which would adopt a Smallville-esque approach and focus on the superheroine’s early years.

The CW and Warner Bros. would not comment on the existence of the series — which Vulture claims is still in very early script stages, under the working title Amazon. But the character is on the cusp of a mini-renaissance. Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang have turned the rebooted Wonder Woman comic book into a critical favorite (and have also, not coincidentally, cleaned up her oft-confusing origin story.) And Warner Bros. is currently developing a massive Justice League movie, which would feature the character in a prominent role.

And going the Smallville route would eliminate one major concern: That costume. Wonder Woman’s iconic, rather skimpy outfit has always been a troublesome aspect of any live-action interpretation, what with all the skin-baring and the golden boob-eagle. (It’s been a problem in comic books, too, though most attempts to change the character’s look usually go too heavy on the jacket.)
by posted
Oh... it was awful. It's not that much on the execution, it's a pilot, effects were unfinished and so knowing that, you are warned.

But everything else... DEAR GOD! Or thank god it was scrapped. How can such a writer (Kelly) write something so awful. Another one who had a complete brainfart. Clearly, he didn't even researched the character before vomiting such a moronic teleplay.

The torture stuff, the "I don't have proof yet" exposé, the boyfriend...

The dolls financing her superheroin lifestyle, WTF??!!

Poor actors! Fortunatly for them, they didn't have to suffer such an idiotic revamp for more than this pilot.
by posted
I love camp and this is going to be awesomely bad. :D
by posted
I don't even need to see it. NBC usually order some crap drama pilots and if they passed on this I'm sure it's horrible :)
by posted
probably one of the worst pilots ever made for series. in some parts it reminded me sex and the city. and in some parts cheesy copy of ironman-spiderman-batman movies.
her costume pants changed between shots and overall terrible terrible pilot.
by posted
wckiller said:
Cancelled? Already?!

Wow lol That is fast even by NBC standards ^^

It wasn't cancelled , it was just not ordered to series. You do know that there are like 50 pilots every season and the networks don't buy all of them...duh :)
by posted
So i after watching the pilot.. i was immediately pissed that we were robbed from seeing Adrienne Palicki in that outfit every week..... just so sad.
by posted
Didn't look at it yet, I just saw somewhere that it wasn't picked up as a serie after the pilot was screened. Didn't think of keeping the link.