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The Velvet Collection
Movistar Plus,


| Drama | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.8/5

It is the year 1967. After five happy years of marriage in New York with Alberto and their young son, Anna Ribera returns to Spain to take her project Velvet to the next level. She and Alberto had been managing all things Velvet from across the ocean and, together with their best friends and partners, had made a name for Velvet as the number one address in the world of fashion and innovation. Now they decide to take the next step and turn their reputation into a franchise, first at home, then abroad. The first step is opening shop in the other great Spanish city, Barcelona, on its world famous promenade, the Passeig de Gracia. There, the second Velvet Fashion Store is about to open its gates, managed by Ana's good friend Clara who had made it up the career ladder from seemstress to directorial assistant in the Madrid Velvet years.

The Pier

Alexandra, shattered by her husband's suicide, discovers he was leading a double-life with another woman. She decides to approach the woman under another identity to discover why her husband lived a lie and what really happened on the fateful night of his death.

La Peste
Movistar Plus,


| Drama, Thriller | ► Trailer
Rating: 3/5

Seville, 16th century. During a terrible plague epidemic, the corpses of several murdered people are found, as an omen of the end of the world. Seville was one of the main cities of the Western world. Known as the Great Babylon, it was home to people of all races, where fifty different languages were spoken, and all the gold from America arrived into its port. It was one of the smelliest, most beautiful cities in the world, and the setting for this unique, character- driven thriller.

Skam (ES)

Skam España is the Spanish international remake of Norwegian "Skam".

La Zona

After a nuclear accident in the north of Spain, a vast exclusion zone was set up to contain the risk of radioactive propagation. Survivors have been rehoused in a new city 50 km away from the power plant. A series of murders lead Héctor, the police chief who survived the catastrophe to embark on an investigation to find the culprit. The problem is that, while doing this, he discovers many other things. After the disaster, reality changes forever.

Mira lo que has hecho

Berto and Sandra are a couple that faces the adventure of being parents with the arrival of their first child, Lucas. A new life that comes without an instruction manual. He is a comedian and a successful television presenter. She is an anesthesiologist by family tradition. Together you must reconcile this new situation in which your family, friends and even the world, will not make it easy for you. "Look what you've done" is a romantic comedy in which the "boy meets girl" becomes "girl and boy know baby." Based on own experiences and borrowed from Berto Romero, he explains what almost nobody dares to say: the madness and how difficult it is to be a parent. An ironic, close, authentic series with dramatic moments.


Is a show about a wedding photographer, Jesús, who in fact wants to be an "artistic photographer", and his complicated relationship with his girlfriend Nuria. In his efforts to devote himself to art and to keep afloat his family and social relationships, Jesús will show an unusual ability to mess up constantly, without a break, and it gets worse and worse every time.


"Instinto" tells the journey to the light of Marco (Mario Casas), an attractive and triumphant man, but with a tormented childhood and an inability to maintain a healthy sentimental relationship, which makes shelter in sex (in an exclusive private club) to give free reign to their wildest erotic fantasies. Eva and Carol's breakthrough and their mother's comeback will make everything start to change.

Capitulo 0

Parodies the most famous TV series of all time, of all kind of genres.

Arde Madrid

An incredible, dreamlike place and moment, as if it was in a movie, where anything can happen. Ava Gardner leaves her detached house in La Moraleja and moves into an apartment block in Doctor Arce street, where the Perón family, exiled from their country and taken in by Franco, live. For the poor, almost everything is prohibited, and for the rich, almost nothing is prohibited. On that year, Antonio Flores is baptized, Hemingway dies, films like El Cid or 55 Days at Peking are shot - All the splendor that goes on inside these lofts contrasts sharply with the poverty and paucity of the lives of ordinary citizens of a dictatorship that seems to be going to last for 2000 years.

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