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Zane Grey Theater


| Drama, Western

This was an anthology series based, mostly, on the works of Zane Grey. Grey was a writer of westerns, and this show used both his short stories and books as inspiration (works by other writers were also adapted when the Grey material ran out). Dick Powell hosted, and Harry Lubin provided the music (the song "Way Out West" opens and closes the show).

Bat Masterson


| Western

Loosely based on the life and adventures of real life lawman, army scout, gunfighter and journalist. Dressed-up dandy (derby and cane), gambler and lawman roams the West charming women and defending the unjustly accused. His primary weapon was his wit (and cane) rather than his gun.


After the end of the American Civil War, former Confederate army captain Bronco Layne seeks his fortune in the lawless West.

Death Valley Days

A series of stories, all based in fact, revolving around the legends of Death Valley, California where borax was mined. Mostly human interest stories about the life in Death Valley and the surrounding area in the late 1800's.

Black Saddle

Clay Culhane was from a family of gunfighters, but after his brothers died in shoot-outs, he chose to practice law instead of trying to settle disputes the old fashioned way. He began traveling through the New Mexico territory after the Civil War trying to help those who needed legal assistance. He was constantly followed by U.S. Marshall Gib Scott who was convinced that he would turn back to his family's life of crime.

The Lone Ranger (1966)

The adventures in this Lone Ranger series were similar in tone and nature to CBS' prime-time Weird Western, The Wild Wild West, in that some of the plots were bizarre and had elements of science-fiction and steampunk technology included in the story. One of the Lone Ranger's archenemies in the animated series was a dwarf named Tiny Tom, whose voice was provided by Dick Beals; he was an analogue to James T. West's major enemy, Dr. Miguelito Loveless.

The Loner


| Drama, Western

After the Civil War, William Colton resigns his commission in the Union army and heads west looking for a new life.

Tombstone Territory


| Western

Sheriff Clay Hollister defended the law in "The Town To Tough To Die" and did it with a no nonsense approach. The narration by Harris Claibourn editor of the Tombstone 'Epitaph' brought a sense of additional realism to this high quality show.

The Outcasts


| Drama, Western

A bounty hunter who was a Confederate Officer teams up with an ex-slave who was a Union Soldier during the Civil War. They are the Outcasts.

Colt .45


| Drama, Action, Western

Colt .45 (also known as The Colt Cousins) was an American Western series loosely based on the 1950 Warner Bros. film of the same name Christopher Colt was apparently a gun salesman but was in fact a government agent tracking down notorious bad guys.