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Dragon Ball Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Escape From Pirate Cave
2Penguin Village
3Strange Visitor
4Arale vs. Blue
5The Land of Korin
6The Nortorious Mercenary
7Tao Attacks!
8Korin Tower
9Sacred Water
10The Return of Goku
11The Last of Mercenary Tao
12Confront the Red Ribbon Army
13A Real Bind
14The End of Commander Red
15The Last Dragon Ball
16Who Is Fortuneteller Baba?
17We Are The Five Warriors
18Deadly Battle
19Goku's Turn To Fight
20Devilmite Beam
21The Mysterious Fifth Man
22The Strong Ones
23The True Colors of the Masked Man
24Pilaf's Tactics
25The Eternal Dragon Rises
26Terror And Plague
27Goku vs. Sky Dragon
28Goku Goes To Demon Land
29The Rampage of InoShikaCho
30Which Way To Papaya Island?
31Rivals and Arrivals
32Preliminary Peril
33Then There Were Eight
34Yamcha vs. Tien
35Yamcha's Big Break
36Full-Moon Vengeance
37The Dodon Wave
38Counting Controversy!
39Goku Enters The Ring
40Tien Shinhan vs. Jacky Chun
41Stepping Down
42Goku vs. Krillin
43Tail's Tale
44Final Match: Goku vs. Tien Shinhan
45Victory's Edge
46Tien's Insurrection
47The Spirit Cannon
48The Fallen
Dragon Ball
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Dragon Ball

Long ago in the mountains, a fighting master known as Gohan discovered a strange boy whom he named Goku. Gohan raised him and trained Goku in martial arts until he died. The young and very strong boy was on his own, but easily managed. Then one day, Goku met a teenage girl named Bulma, whose search for the dragon balls brought her to Goku's home.

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Aired on:


30 min.



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5/5 (8 ratings)

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