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Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Season 1 - Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Journey's End
2It Didn't Have to Be Magic...
3Killing Magic
4The Land Where Souls Rest
5Phantoms of the Dead
6The Hero of the Village
7Like a Fairy Tale
8Frieren the Slayer
9Aura the Guillotine
10A Powerful Mage
11Winter in the Northern Lands
12A Real Hero
13Aversion to One's Own Kind
14Privilege of the Young
15Smells Like Trouble
16Long-Lived Friends
17Take Care
18First-Class Mage Exam
19Well-Laid Plans
20Necessary Killing
21The World of Magic
22Future Enemies
23Conquering the Labyrinth
24Perfect Replicas
25A Fatal Vulnerability
26The Height of Magic
27An Era of Humans
28It Would Be Embarrassing When We Met Again
SpecialMini Anime "Magic of ??" / Vol.1: Magic to Say What You Are Thinking
SpecialMini Anime "Magic of ??" / Vol.2: Magic to Remove Only Alcohol From Booze
SpecialMini Anime "Magic of ??" / Vol.3: Magic to Wake Up at the Right Time in the Morning
SpecialMini Anime "Magic of ??" / Vol.4: Magic to Make a Good Scent Come From the Body
SpecialMini Anime "Magic of ??" / Special Edition: Magic to Make the Dining Table Happy
SpecialMini Anime "Magic of ??" / Vol. 5: Magic that Brings Good Luck
SpecialMini Anime "Magic of ??" / Vol. 6: Magic to Remove Stubborn Oil Stains
SpecialMini Anime "Magic of ??" / Vol. 7: Magic to Speak Extremely Fast Without Faltering
SpecialMini Anime "Magic of ??" / Vol. 8: Magic to Understand A Fish's Feelings
SpecialMini Anime "Magic of ??" / Vol. 9: Magic that Brings Good Luck - Part 2
SpecialMini Anime "Magic of ??" / Vol. 10: Magic that Makes Sentences End Strangely
SpecialMini Anime "Magic of ??" / Vol. 11: Magic that Completely Cleans Dirty Clothes
SpecialGrand Thanksgiving - The Path to Understanding the Human Heart