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When her son disappears in Italy, a former CIA agent must use her skills to find him alive and bring him home, no matter the cost.

In this thrilling series, follow a mother's journey across Europe as she faces danger and uncovers secrets in her quest to find her missing son.

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Aired on:
60 min.
Created by:
2.67/5 (6 ratings)
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as Becca Winstone
as Agent Dax Miller
as Michael Winstone
as Giancarlo Rossi
as Paul Winstone


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Latest comments

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by posted
by posted
OMG this show is so awful.
The acting is bad
The CG is really bad - you can tell most of the outside shots are in front of a green-screen

When checking a dead persons neck for a pulse, she was nowhere near the artery, it was more like the wind-pipe.

Truly terrible.
by posted
Missing was rescheduled 2 weeks ago and can be downloaded every Wednesday.
I like it, is full of action and the plot is well done. It is in the same category with 24, Nikita, Strike Back, Spooks etc.
I enjoy every minute I watch it and I barely wait the new episode to be released on the internet.
by posted
by posted
So I watched the first episode and can't say I'm impressed. It was exactly the plot of Taken but Ashley Judd is no Liam Neeson. I think I would rather rewatch Taken every week rather than watch an episode of this. The beginning was oh so cliched and then it turned into a bad action movie with very nauseating directing.

So Sean Bean was a CIA agent and got killed "accidentally"? Am I the only one to think that he faked his own death? Anyways the ratings didn't look so good so this one will be canned most likely. My recommendation: watch Taken instead. And if you've seen it already, then watch it anyway.
by posted
Yeah looks like a direct Taken rip off...although

It will be a very brave and interesting move if the makers of the show have the son sold into the sex slave trade lol

Very doubtful that Ashley Judd can pull off this type of role....why didn't they just get Sean Bean as the lead role? He could pull it off....
by posted
I didn't get excited with the trailer but...
i rofled when first thing in trailer sean bean dies!they kill him every single time!
by posted
doubtful. If I'm not impressed with the trailer, will I be with the show :|

I did like Taken, though.
by posted
@Spoiler: Yea, that's kind of his thing :D

but it looks like he'll be a regular on the show. Some appearances in flashbacks. Although this role seems a bit of a letdown after the one in Game of Thrones.
by posted
So this is exactly like the movie Taken, except a son instead of daughter and Ashley Judd instead of Liam Neeson. I really dug the movie, but then again Liam Neeson >>>>> Ashley Judd

Also about the trailer:

Does Sean Bean have a contractual clause that which ever character he plays, he must die? :D