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Party Down
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Party Down

Six caterers trying to make it as Hollywood stars are at the center of this half-hour project from Veronica Mars and Cupid creator Rob Thomas. Each episode of this Starz original will be set at a different catered event and will see hungry Hollywood wannabees move among the rich and famous.

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Airs on:
Starz, US at 9:00 pm
28 min.
Returning Series
4.16/5 (19 ratings)
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Sepulveda Basin High School Spring Play Opening Night
Fri Mar 31, 2023
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Sorry, no info about the next episode of Party Down is available yet.

The TV show is either in vacation or waiting to start their new season. When information about future episodes becomes available, it will be posted here.

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as Henry Pollard
as Ron Donald
as Kyle Bradway
as Roman DeBeers
as Casey Klein
as Lydia Dunfree
as Constance Carmell
as Evie Adler


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by posted
by posted
Nice! Got to rewatch it before.
by posted
Season 3 begins on Fri Feb 24, 2023.

That's 12+ years between seasons 2 and 3.
by posted
ive liked party down more and more each ep.although its not laugh out load i find myself pretty happy when i see it pop up in my watchlist.none of the characters really stand out like a barney or sheldon but its still a nice cast.its from the creator of veronica mars and has some of that cast in it from time to time .
by posted
Ron Donald and Roman DeBeers the most annoying characters are. Others like I do more. :P
by posted
paisley1 said:
....."few of annoying characters?".......

I mean that the writers have created few of the characters so annoying that if the Star Trek holodeck was real I would get them in there and kick their virtual asses...
by posted
I'm from Shediac, New Brunswick. We're a little busy with the Acadian-English hatred to care about the rest of the country. Also letting First Nation children die in hospital hallways. I've never been farther east in Canada than New Brunswick, so I don't know anything about that, but in New Brunswick the English and the French hate each other like blacks and whites in the Southern US. It doesn't help that all the cops are from Quebec.
by posted
paisley1 said:
....."few of annoying characters?".......

What the hell does that mean?........oh, you're from Finland....sorry......

What's that supposed to mean?
by posted
It's fun for saturday mornings... Has some good humour but also few of annoying characters...
by posted
Ya I thought you'd be happy that we actually agree on something!

I'm gonna stay far away from the whole Western stereotype because I don't really have a good idea of one aside from what I see on Corner Gas :D
The truth is I haven't been to the West so I got nothing...