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Recently, My Sister is Unusual
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Recently, My Sister is Unusual

In the romance comedy, a girl named Mitsuki Kanzaki lives with her step-brother Yuya after her mother remarries. One day, Mitsuki is possessed by the self-proclaimed spirit of a young girl, Hiyori Kotobuki. Hiyori (in Mitsuki's body) must fall in love with Yuya to move towards the "Gates of Heaven."

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Aired on:

Tokyo MX, Japan


25 min.




5/5 (1 rating)

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as Kanzaki, Yuuya
as Kiritina, Yukina
as Tachibana, Ayaka
as Kotobuki, Hiyori
as Minami-sensei
as Torii, Shoutarou
as Torii, Moa
as Kanzaki, Kaoko
as Akazaka, Nanami


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