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Shoresy, joins a senior AAA hockey team in Sudbury on a quest to never, ever lose again.

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Sorry, no info about the next episode of Shoresy is available yet.

The TV show is either in vacation or waiting to start their new season. When information about future episodes becomes available, it will be posted here.

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Les Rapides De Rawdon
Fri Jun 21, 2024
6 (of 6 ordered)

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Streams on:
CraveTV, Canada at 4:00 am EDT
24 min.
Returning Series
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4.45/5 (20 ratings)
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as Shoresy
as Ziigwan
as Mark Michaels
as Ted "Hitch" Hitchcock
as Laura Mohr


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Latest comments

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by posted
I avoid innertubes chatter about stuff apart from the minimal stuff here so wasn't aware. Was all worth it for i have a concussion, not cerebral policies but they really didn't have much material this year. Letterkenny was overusing the montages toward the end as well, but nothing like this.
by posted
I kind of agree, but we seem to be in the minority, most posts on Reddit are people saying it's the best season so far.
S1 was amazing, and I think they poured everything into it, not thinking they would get renewed.

Maybe now that Letterkenny is done, Keeso can concentrate more on the spinoffs.
I'm excited to see what other spinoffs there will be.
by posted
Just finished S3 and hate to say it but really I don't think there should be an S4, even though they suggest it's already in the works. As much as I like the show and letterkenny before it they're just phoning it in now. S3 was like 10 decent jokes and 75% montages.
by posted
by posted
Renewed for season two!
by posted
I really want to master the delayed "huh?". That'd be an invaluable tool to annoy the crap out of friends.
by posted
mrverene said:
I laughed so hard at the brothers. Ep 6 was pretty good but 5 was the best of the season.

I lost it everytime it showed them lol.
I honestly enjoyed every single moment of every episode, just outstanding work.
by posted
I laughed so hard at the brothers. Ep 6 was pretty good but 5 was the best of the season.
by posted
IGN review:-

Shoresy is an unexpectedly wholesome hockey comedy that makes Letterkenny proud. Jared Keeso understands why one might be hesitant about an entire series dedicated to an antagonist known for toilet conversations and scored-earth mockery. None of that is what Shoresy is about, nor preaches. Give yer expectations a tug if you're already writing this show off as crude, callous violence. Keeso and company accomplish more character development in six episodes than many American sitcoms that run two seasons do before cancellation. It's hilarious, hard-hitting, and hooks its audience with almost no effort. After this first batch of episodes, Letterkenny fans will be raising #69 in the rafters.
by posted
So disapointed there's only 6 episodes, I've already rewatched them 3 times, what am I going to do!
I hope to gawd they renew it.