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Strike Witches
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Strike Witches

In the year 1939 an unknown enemy called the Neuroi appeared. Their purpose is unclear and origin is unknown, but they attack and destroy any signs of human civilization they come across. Because conventional weapons are useless against them, humanity developed a striker unit known as the Strike Witches to combat the Neuroi. Yoshika Miyafuji is a girl with exceptional healing power but lacks control; she has been scouted to join the Strike Witches and fight the Neuroi, but all she wants to do is take over her family clinic. After witnessing an attack by the Neuroi on her way to find out if her father is still alive, Miyafuji resolves herself to fight for and protect the people around her. Who or what are the Neuroi and what do they want?

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Other, US


25 min.



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as Lynette Bishop
as Perrine H. Clostermann
as Yoshika Miyafuji
as Mio Sakamoto
as Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke


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