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The Hard Times of RJ Berger
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The Hard Times of RJ Berger

RJ, played by Paul Icaono, stars in a coming-of-age show about the hardships a fifteen-year old faces.

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Aired on:
30 min.
3/5 (1 rating)
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as R.J. Berger
as Miles Jenner
as Lily Miran
as Jenny Swanson
as Suzanne Berger
as Linda
as Patterson
as Striped Bikini Girl
as Max Owens


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Latest comments

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by posted
Hahaha, just found this on netflix, watched both seasons. Agree with Orlando here, so bad it's good! Enjoyed myself. :lol:
by posted
by posted
It's still on my scale "so bad, it's good". You know, everyone has his or hers guilty pleasures. ;)
by posted
i droped it mid season2.... from the beginning of season2 the show was getting worst with every episode

btw. it`s only my 2nd show i droped overall :)
by posted
Hahaaaa, an even worse cliffhanger than the previous one. :lol:
by posted
episode 2 (season 2) was nice - they did a little crossover with Jersey Shore
by posted
just started it 3 days ago

have to say that the first 2-3 episodes wheren`t that good ..... actualy would have stoped if something from my watchlist would have been aired in the meantime.... anyway the show realy got better after a few episodes and till the end of season one it just was amazing

anyway i am happy they kept lily .... my favorite character of this show so far
by posted
oh forgot to put it on my watchlist, great that t's back
by posted
Aaaand we are back. :)
by posted
XtazyMike said:
OK , i'll start spoiling now:
first , how do you know she's dead?? maybe it was an old guy in the next room :P
second , if she is dead , they could bring her to haunt Miles and RJ - it could be hilarious... :lol:

I think she just pulled the sensors to go scream that she f***** RJ and that she's the only one capable handling his tool :D :D

Either she's dead and it'd as fucked up as I said.... or she's not dead which would put this show even more into the cliche batch with so many others... and that would suck so much more!

I truly hope that she is dead...

I usually hope that people die when it seams like they are on the way to die.... of course, there are exceptions... like Anna on the Vampire Diaries...