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The Walking Dead - Cast

as Daryl Dixon
as Carol Peletier
as Rick Grimes
as Maggie Greene
as Michonne
as Rosita Espinosa
as Carl Grimes
as Eugene Porter
as Glenn Rhee
as Father Gabriel Stokes
as Tara Chambler
as Sasha Williams
as Ezekiel
as Beth Greene
as Morgan Jones
as Hershel Greene
as Andrea
as Judith Grimes
as Sgt. Abraham Ford
as Siddiq
as Lori Grimes
as Paul "Jesus" Rovia
as Yumiko Okumura
as Magna
as Shane Walsh
as Dwight
as Tyreese Williams
as Governor Phillip Blake
as Dale Horvath
as Jadis / Anne
as Merle Dixon
as Bob Stookey
as Spencer Monroe
as Gregory
as Simon
as Beta
as Jessie Anderson
as Deanna Monroe
as Sophia Peletier
as Juanita Sanchez / Princess
as Leah Shaw
as Lance Hornsby
as Milton's Assistant
as Pamela Milton