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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
2Escape from Leprechaupolis
3Bus of the Undead
4Mayhem of the Mooninites
6Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto
7Ol' Drippy
8Revenge of the Mooninites
9MC Pee Pants
10Dumber Dolls
11Bad Replicant
13Love Mummy
14Dumber Days
17Mail Order Bride
18Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future
SpecialBaffler Meal
SpecialAqua Teen Hunger Force Deleted Movieunknown
SpecialSan Diego Comic Conunknown
SpecialSan Diego Comic Con 2unknown
SpecialAqua Teen Hunger Force Responds To The Criticsunknown
SpecialRabbot - The Original Cutunknown
SpecialAssisted Living Dracula
SpecialVegetable Man
SpecialMovie Premiereunknown
SpecialBaffler Meal - Music Videounknown
SpecialDickesode (censored)unknown
SpecialFuture Wolf II - Never Cry Wolf: Origin of the Seriesunknown
SpecialFuture Wolf IIIunknown
SpecialTerror Phone II: The Legend Of Rakensteinunknown
SpecialLive Action Carlunknown
SpecialI Like Your Booty (But I'm Not Gay) Music Videounknown
SpecialTerror Phoneunknown
SpecialTerror Phone III: R3-D1AL3Dunknown
SpecialMovie - Extras - Theatrical Trailerunknown
SpecialMovie - Extras - Alternative Trailerunknown
SpecialMovie - Extras - Sizzle Reelunknown
SpecialMovie - Extras - The Thing We Shot Wednesday Nightunknown
SpecialMovie - Extras - Art & Music Galleryunknown
SpecialMovie - Extras - Jon Schnepp 3Dunknown
SpecialMovie - Deleted Movieunknown
SpecialMovie - Fake Endings - Dr. Zodunknown
SpecialMovie - Fake Endings - Wondermanunknown
SpecialMovie - Fake Endings - Blood Mountainunknown
SpecialMovie - Fake Endings - Sandwichunknown
SpecialMovie - Fake Endings - Sandwich Jewelsunknown
SpecialMovie - Fake Endings - Zombie Shakeunknown
SpecialMovie - Fake Endings - Zombie Meatunknown
SpecialMovie - Fake Endings - Zombie Frylockunknown
SpecialMovie - Fake Endings - Determinatorunknown
SpecialMovie - Fake Endings - Earthunknown
SpecialMovie - Deleted Scenes - Star-Studded XMas Spectacularunknown
SpecialMovie - Deleted Scenes - Cameounknown
SpecialMovie - Deleted Scenes - Phone-Answering Machine Fightunknown
SpecialMovie - Deleted Scenes - Dorm Room Extendedunknown
SpecialMovie - Deleted Scenes - Meatwad Concert Extendedunknown
SpecialMovie - Deleted Scenes - Pushing Insanoflex Box Extendedunknown
SpecialMovie - Deleted Scenes - Mooninites & Plutonians on Rollercoaster Extendedunknown
SpecialMovie - Deleted Scenes - Shake Who Created us I'm the One... Extendedunknown
SpecialMovie - Music Video - Nashville Pussy & Master Shake Face Omletunknown
SpecialMovie - Music Video - Nine Pound Hammer BTSunknown
SpecialMovie - Music Video - Mastodon BTSunknown
SpecialMovie - Music Video - Lobby Singers BTSunknown
SpecialMovie - Music Video - Nashville Pussy BTSunknown
SpecialMovie - Music Video - Cameo BTSunknown
SpecialMovie - Music Video - Brass Castle Bookworm Resin Liveunknown
SpecialMovie - Music Video - Nine Pound Hammer Carl's Theme Liveunknown
SpecialMovie - Music Video - Unearth The Chosen Liveunknown
SpecialMovie - [pete promos] - Dana Man-On-The-Street Promosunknown
SpecialMovie - [pete promos] - Overhead Projector Presentationunknown
SpecialMovie - [pete promos] - Dana Snyder Bob Odenkirk Interviewunknown