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The Enfield HauntingThe Enfield Haunting
Sky Living, 2015 | Drama, Mystery, Horror, History | ► Trailer
Rating: 3/5

The show is based on one of the most documented accounts of poltergeist activity in the UK.

Doll & EmDoll & Em

Real-life best friends Emily Mortimer and Dolly Wells are heading to Sky Living in the new semi-improvised comedy, Doll and Em.

Sky Living, 2012 | Comedy, Family, Lifestyle
Rating: 3/5

Gates is a comedy series starring Tom Ellis, Joanna Page and Sue Johnson. The show is about parental rivalries on the school run.

The Last WitchThe Last Witch

Katharine Kelly and Anne Reid star in a modern supernatural tale.

My Kitchen Rules (UK)My Kitchen Rules (UK)

Lorraine Pascale and Joe Atherton scour the nation to find Britain's best home cook.

The SpaThe Spa

This is a comedy series written by Derren Litten set in set in a Hertfordshire spa that claims that it can cure anyone; the fat, the thin and the lazy.

The Face (UK)The Face (UK)

Naomi Campbell, Erin O'Connor and Caroline Winberg go head to head against each other as they pick teams of aspiring models and compete in challenges.

Trying AgainTrying Again

Sky Living comedy drama about a man whose fiancée has had an affair with her boss. Meg and Matt try and give their relationship another go.

Talking to the DeadTalking to the Dead

A part thriller starring Sophie Rundle as a new female detective working her first case as part of the major crimes unit.

How I Caught The KillerHow I Caught The Killer

This 10 part true crime series reveals as never before what it is like to be a police officer working on the most incredible and inconceivable murder cases in criminal history in the UK and USA. Focusing solely on the perspective of the police, former policeman and Crimewatch presenter Rav Wilding narrates this series packed with revelations from the people who solved some of the most infamous murders from around the world. Featuring exclusive officer accounts, chilling interview recordings and stylish reconstructions, How I Caught The Killer provides a gripping insight into what it is like to work on indecipherable cases.

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