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Hatfields & McCoys
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Hatfields & McCoys

Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton star in this three-part miniseries about the legendary and deadly family feud that broke out in the backwoods of West Virginia and Kentucky after the Civil War.

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Aired on:
120 min.
3.67/5 (3 ratings)
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as Randall McCoy
as Nancy McCoy
as Devil Anse Hatfield
as Johnse Hatfield
as Ellison "Cotton Top" Mounts
as Wall Hatfield
as Good 'Lias Hatfield
as Aunt Betty Blankenship
as Roseanna McCoy


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Latest comments

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by posted
The 2nd and 3rd are much more fast paced. :) Watched them both in one day.
by posted
A bit slow paced but i liked the first ep, maybe i gonna check out more when i have more time
by posted
by posted
Finally got around with watching the second and third part. While the first part is indeed slow and in some places a bit too long, the second episode has little conficts and shows that retaliation for a retaliation for a retaliation for a retaliation for a retaliation for a retaliation leads to no where, and creates hate so big you can't imagine. The third episode is a full blown war, with scenes showing the cruelty and how such hate can kill so many people.
I really liked it and was entertained all the way through, recommend it to everyone. I'll surely watch it a few more times and goes quite high on my list of favorite miniseries.
Also, great, great music, I want the OST to this so badly. Oh well, I'll listen to this for now
by posted
Watched the first part. It is indeed slow, but the tension that builds up between the families is well worth it. :)
by posted
I can say it wasn't bad. Quite good in fact but a bit laborious and long.

It's a bit like comparing the Tombstone (Kurt Russel/Val Kilmer) and Wyatt Earp (Costner/Quaid) flicks. Both were good (from an objective point of view) but Tombstone was a bit more entertaining/popcorn style and faster paced within a 2 hours movie while Wyatt Earp streched it a lot more before and after the Tombstone timeframe and story to more than 3 hours.

In this case, were on the Wyatt Earp style as there are a lot of scenes that probably could've been dropped even though in the grand scheme, it doesn't make it bad.

But... it's long. I'm no editor so I sure can't tell what would be the stuff to drop but when you're at the end, you just know it was a tad too long.

Not sure I should've watched them all in one night but the first 1, maybe 2 hours were a bit laborious and at some point, it fails a bit to be totally clear why there's so much hate until a later incident that make everybody go nuts. But it slowly gets better about half of the second episode and on.

Condensing the whole thing within 2 episodes instead of 3 might have done the trick.

Note that Kevin Reynold, old Frienemy of Costner is directing. (The director who dropped from directing Waterworld after a falling out with Costner who finished it.)
by posted
Not sure about this yet. Maybe in the weekend.
by posted
Maybe I'll try today as well.

As of the episode length:
E01: 102 min
E02: 95 min
E03: 87 min
by posted
Orlando said:
Testing this later today. Impressive cast so it should be good.
And? :)

...and got distracted at the 30min mark. Will try again today maybe. Or I will finally start those GoT books...