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Nyan Koi!
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Nyan Koi!

Junpei Kōsaka is in his second year of high school and tries to stay out of trouble. He is allergic to cats which is ironic because the girl he has a crush on loves them.
One day Junpei makes the mistake of kicking a can that accidentally hits the local neko-jizō-sama, which is the guardian deity of cats, after the incident he can suddenly understand what cats are saying and to make it even worse he also has to grant one hundred wishes from cats, or he will be turned into one himself.

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Aired on:

TBS(Japan), Japan


30 min.




4.25/5 (4 ratings)

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as Kousaka, Suzu
as Kousaka, Junpei
as Mizuno, Kaede
as Sumiyoshi, Kanako
as Nyamsas
as Endou, Haruhiko | Tama
as Ichinose, Nagi


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