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Raised by Wolves
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Raised by Wolves

Raised by Wolves centers upon two androids tasked with raising human children on a mysterious virgin planet. As the burgeoning colony of humans threatens to be torn apart by religious differences the androids learn that controlling the beliefs of humans is a treacherous and difficult task.

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49 min.
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4.05/5 (234 ratings)
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as Mother
as Campion
as Marcus Drusus


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Latest comments

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by posted
It's a ridley scott thing to never end in a satisfactory way
by posted
So, it ended with... nothing? Pretty sure they knew it was being axed, S02 has just 8 episodes. They could tell that sooner, I would drop it, the only reason I was watching it to have some explanations, now I feel scammed as with Lost, just thankfully 4 less seasons :D

In short Grandma before these made all humans into these "creatures" which are dumber humans, but with a better survival rate, right? And there still is no explanation what is "the entity", Sol and all that crap.

btw Grandma is a solid proof that Mother role did not have the best actor. She should play psychotic Germans or something :D
by posted
This show is a gem, it has to come back on TV.
by posted
graybags said:
I didn't enjoy the second season at all. I won't miss it.

Agreed, the first season was much better
by posted
I didn't enjoy the second season at all. I won't miss it.
by posted
Sign - hope it helps! :)

Found here :
Raised by Wolves (HBO Max, Cancelled after 2 Seasons): The cancellation announcement for this show just came on Friday and the fans immediately took up the Call to Action, spurred on by series co-star Abubakar Salim who made a plea prior to the show getting the ax. A website has already been set up to focus on campaign efforts and daily tweet-storms are aiming at different venues to convince them to pick up the show for a third season and beyond using the hashtag #RenewRaisedByWolves. There is also an online petition which has over 6.5K signatures as of this writing. My understanding is that the show is owned by Ridley Scott's Scott Free Productions, though HBO Max likely holds the streaming rights for at least a year or so. But it is possible that another streaming service could work out the deal for the exclusive rights, and if fans keep this show trending then other buyers should certainly have an interest in picking it up.
by posted
by posted
Tasviewer said:
I'm sick of good shows being cancelled when there's so much garbage that gets renewed season after season.

Like Reality DIARRHOEA!!!! That is what has destroyed Television!! Blame all the MORONS that watch that CRAP!!!!!!
by posted
I'm sick of good shows being cancelled when there's so much garbage that gets renewed season after season.
by posted

Damn... I hope they can continue elsewhere.