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Robot Chicken - Cast

as Additional Voices
as Jesus Christ
as Jesus Christ
as Jesus Christ
as Santa Claus
as Santa Claus
as Bloopers Host
as George W. Bush
as Wonder Woman
as Lex Luthor
as Robin
as Robin
as M. Night Shyamalan
as Darlene
as Tom Root
as Tom Root
as Bill Clinton
as Mother
as Snoop Dogg
as Sarah Michelle Gellar
as Bo Duke
as Keanu Reeves
as Gary Coleman
as Gary Coleman
as Luke Duke
as Moses
as Fidel Castro
as Batman
as Michael Knight
as Michael Knight
as Ryan Seacrest
as Herman the Clown
as Herman the Clown
as Cobra Commander
as Luke Skywalker
as Luke Skywalker
as Corey Feldman
as Corey Feldman
as Easter Bunny
as Little Girl
as Gleek
as Teri Hatcher
as The Hulk
as Additional Voices
as Gray Alien #1
as Suk Lee
as Hillary Clinton
as Female ENN News Anchor
as Pat O'Brien
as Destro
as William Shatner
as Adolf Hitler
as Adolf Hitler
as Buddha
as Buddha
as The Nerd
as Doug Goldstein
as Doug Goldstein
as Mrs. Claus
as Mrs. Claus
as Announcer
as Phyllis Diller
as Seth Green
as Keith Crofford
as Hillary Duff
as Rachael Leigh Cook
as Jerry Poppendaddi
as Reginald 'Red' Forman
as Female Unicorn
as Burt Reynolds
as Topher Grace
as Mark Hamill
as Jazz
as Scarecrow
as Corky
as Conrad Bain
as Squirtle
as Cylon
as Pikachu
as Wiseass
as Prowl
as 'So Hungry' Man
as Ironhide
as Human Torch
as Commander Adama
as Optimus Prime
as Agent Dana Scully
as Phyllis Coates
as Tiffany Montgomery
as George Reeves
as One-Sided Fistfights Announcer
as Ratchet
as Kool-Aid Man
as Lance
as Hunk
as Robeast
as 'Secrets of the Animal Kingdom' Narrator
as Harry Potter
as Roy O. Disney
as Pidge
as Space Mouse
as Hyena
as Lemmings
as Elian Gonzalez
as Galaxy Garrison News
as Disney Associate
as Walt Disney
as JFK's Bodyguard
as Lemming
as Cyclops
as Mrs. McNally's 3rd Grader #1
as Spritle
as Chim-Chim
as Speed Racer
as Dr. Patchet
as Merman
as Green Alien
as Old Men
as Male Dragon
as Dominic Toretto
as Victor Prinzim
as Don DeLuise
as Eric Forman
as Mrs. McNally's 3rd Grader #2
as Michael Kelso
as Steve the Unicorn
as Mrs. McNally's 3rd Grader #3
as Sheriff Rosco Coltrane
as Steven Hyde
as Scott Trakker
as Jon Baker
as Minotaur
as Noah
as Giraffe
as Luigi
as J. J. McClure
as Kitty Forman
as Matt Trakker
as Satan
as Senor Clean
as Steven Tyler
as Lettuce-Head Kids
as Janice
as Buffy Summers
as Sarah's Friend
as Female Announcer
as Muffin's Owner
as Harrison Ford
as Chucky
as Sen. Thad Generic
as News Anchor
as Mr. Muggs' Owner
as Sean O'Keefe
as Adult Swim Viewer
as Dr. Teeth
as Animal
as Floyd Pepper
as Teenager
as Pilot
as Spider-Man
as Al Roker
as Fred Rogers
as Gil Grissom
as Peter
as Father
as Mumm-Ra
as Tooth Fairy
as Co-Pilot
as Dr. Al Robbins
as Male Passenger
as News Anchor
as Skeletor
as Female Passenger
as Katie Couric
as News Anchor #2
as Tarzan
as Spoilers Host
as Beavis
as Snoopy
as Darth Vader
as The Great Pumpkin
as Fruit Vendor
as Sir Wimperton Cornswallow
as Uncle Sam
as Paul
as Butt-Head
as Snail
as Surgeon
as Ivy Walker
as Starfire
as Raven
as Woman
as Lucy van Pelt
as Sally Brown
as Linus van Pelt
as Charlie Brown
as Pimp Host
as Alex
as Lavonda
as Barry
as Surreal Life Narrator
as Vanilla Ice
as Ray Griffith
as Ron Jeremy
as Erik Estrada
as Leonard Nimoy
as Debbie Benton
as MC Hammer
as Borg Cosplayer
as Cheerleader Stick
as Vince Neil
as Wookie Cosplayer
as Jedi Cosplayer
as Emmanuel Lewis
as Probe Droid
as Yoda Cosplayer
as Wheelchair Attendee
as Cheerleader Stick
as Doctor
as Mr. Johnson
as Spock Cosplayer
as Joel Schumacher's Bodyguard
as Falcon
as Frankenberry
as Bob Marley
as Catwoman
as Elle Driver
as Kristin Holt
as Superman
as Khan Noonien Singh
as Host of 'Who Poop Last?'
as Booberry
as Ving Rhames
as Daniel LaRusso
as Scorpion
as Donatello
as Hello Kitty
as Hong Kong Phooey
as Storm Shadow
as Britney Spears
as Lance Bass
as Chris Kirkpatrick
as Joey Fatone
as Michelangelo
as Yakuza
as Grey Alien Chef
as Justin Timberlake
as Leonardo
as Plumber
as Gray Alien #2
as Bhavna Shyamalan
as Ashlee Simpson
as Pat Morita
as JC Chasez
as Raphael
as Pizza Guy
as 'Hollywood Spotlight' Narrator
as Salem
as Teela
as 'White' Michael Jackson
as Gray Alien #2
as Sabrina Spellman
as Female Newscaster
as Prince Adam
as Eternian Farmer
as Man-At-Arms
as Male Newscaster
as Pyramid Contestant
as Sabrina's Friend
as Reporter
as Ang Lee
as 'Black' Michael Jackson
as Squirrel
as Male ENN News Anchor
as Pinocchio
as Flasher
as Additional Voices
as Sam Beckett
as Todd the Atheist
as Al Calavicci
as Otto Frank
as Chad Michael Murray
as Michael Moore
as Soundwave
as Thug #2
as French Woman
as TiVo Addict's Mom
as TiVo Addict
as Uncle Chu
as She-Ra
as Teacher
as Woman
as Uncle Steve
as Shipwreck
as Lizzie McGuire
as KRP Salesperson
as Reporter
as Archangel
as Snarf
as General
as Rick Salomon
as Todd's Friend #1
as Todd's Friend #2
as Serial Killer Clown
as TiVo Addict's Boss
as Mosquitos
as He-Man
as Buck McCoy
as Orville Wright
as Wilbur Wright
as Chief Raining Stereotype
as Dumplestiltskin
as Conan O'Brien
as Rod Paige
as Jury Foreman
as Little Boy
as Pirate Captain
as Doctor
as Defendant
as Pizza Customer
as Little Sally
as Jury Member
as Oprah Winfrey
as Gymnast
as Mrs. Herring
as Benjamin Franklin
as Rod Sterling
as TRL Girl
as Skull Island Chief
as Gargamel
as Lynndie England
as Brainy Smurf
as Policeman Smurf
as Carmelita Caylo
as Jokey Smurf
as Homer Simpson
as Marge Simpson
as Baby Pigeon
as Papa Smurf
as Explorer
as Convict
as Husband
as Scissors
as Father Pigeon
as Major Bludd
as Dr. Mindbender
as David Letterman
as Luna
as Mummy
as Queen Beryl
as Heather Donahue
as Housewife
as Doug's Girlfriend
as Potato Chip
as Crimson Guardsman
as Burglar
as Assistant
as Sailor Moon
as Scarlett Johansson
as Della Bea Robinson
as Michael C. Williams
as Eddie Buttskin
as COBRA Cadet
as Radio DJ
as Redneck Father
as Potato Chip #2
as Bird
as Burglar #2
as COBRA Soldier
as Camerawoman
as Redneck Mother
as Grandma Fu
as Rosie the Robot
as W. C. Cogswell
as Olsen Twins Associate #3
as Del Spooner
as Elroy Jetson
as Steve's Son
as Mr. Spacely
as Astro
as Valet's Friend
as Olsen Twins Associate #2
as Camel
as Judge
as Olsen Twins Associate #1
as Construction Worker
as Ashley Olsen
as Judy Jetson
as Michael's Girlfriend
as Steve's Wife
as Steve's Daughter
as Mary-Kate Olsen
as Mother
as Tupac Shakur
as George Washington
as Jared Fogle
as Frosty the Snowman
as Gidget the Taco Bell Chihuahua
as Jaws
as Chief Martin Brody
as H. M. 'Howling Mad' Murdock
as Biggie Smalls
as Frankenstein's Monster
as Ugly Daughter
as Attractive Daughter
as Templeton 'Faceman' Peck
as Bride of Frankenstein
as Brandon's Mother
as Hermey the Elf
as Steven Spielberg
as Quint
as Matt Hooper
as Excited Elf Child
as Betsy Ross
as Blitzen
as Pickles the Clown
as News Anchor
as Thug Leader
as Bosco 'B. A.' Baracus
as Mr. Owl
as John 'Hannibal' Smith
as Attractive Daughter's Father
as Strawberry Shortcake
as Little Girl
as Jason Voorhees
as Old Man Phillips
as Mr. Joe
as Velma Dinkley
as Asian Masseuse
as Blueberry Muffin
as Scooby-Doo
as Mrs. Dorsey
as Daphne Blake
as Samara Morgan
as Soccer Player
as Emily the Spy
as Don Knotts
as Shaggy Rogers
as Little Boy
as Fred Jones
as Christopher Walken
as Host
as Soldier
as Frogger
as Mr. Wembley
as Mayor McCheese
as Reporter #2
as Hamburglar
as Professor
as Goyfinger
as Poopdeck Pappy
as Clarence
as Bluto
as Victor
as Ponda
as Baba
as Wimpy
as Popeye
as Additional Voices
as Dr. Evazan
as Olive Oyl
as Susan
as Corpse Bride
as Douglas
as Rodgers
as Mrs. McNally's 3rd Graders
as Reporter #1
as Ross Hashanah
as Additional Voices
as Ponda Baba's Boss
as Drew Barrymore
as Woman
as Freddy Kruegger
as Roland Emmerich
as Dr. Niko Tatopolous
as Shamrock Bear
as Pinhead
as Additional Voices
as Starfish
as Dean Devlin
as Ghostface
as Franklin D. Roosevelt
as Julie Chen
as Keira Knightley
as Pennywise
as Dean Cain
as William Clark
as Father
as NASN Scientist
as Macauley Culkin
as Bullied Boy
as Napoleon Bonamite
as Astronaut
as Bully's Friend
as Little Boy
as Gay Announcer
as Mila Kunis
as Little Girl
as Breckin Meyer
as Barry McGuire
as Meriweather Lewis
as Pedro Sanchez
as Domino's Pizzaman
as Jan Brady
as Greg Brady
as Peter Brady
as Alice Nelson
as Cindy Brady
as Announcer
as Michael Lazzo
as Space Ghost
as Unicorn
as Peter Griffin
as Mike Brady
as Terrorism Narrator
as Frank the Invader
as Carol Brady
as Marcia Brady
as Skater McGee
as Master Shake
as Narrator
as Jenna Bush
as Paul Revere
as Time Traveler
as Corey Haim
as Teacher
as Emily Elizabeth
as Girl
as Woman
as Barbara Pierce Bush
as Dustin Diamond
as Mr. Howard
as Announcer
as J. K. Rowling
as Vicky
as Swedish Chef's Wife
as Swedish Chef
as Pet Shop Owner
as Additional Voices
as Goku
as Little Drummer Boy
as Tetsuo
as Rudolph
as Sydney Bristow
as Barney the Dinosaur
as Inspector Gadget
as Lego Servant
as Gohan
as Nutcracker
as Composite Santa Claus
as Michael Vaughn
as Lego Pharoah
as Fred Flintstone
as Barney Rubble
as Reindeer
as Wilma Flintstone
as Betty Rubble
as Hector
as Mecha Godzilla
as Gopher #2
as Blossom
as Bubbles
as Buttercup
as Professor Utonium
as Mrs. Godzilla
as Amanda Bynes
as Used Car Salesman
as Lindsay Lohan
as Jeannie
as Gopher #1
as Doctor
as Sean Connery