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Team Ninja WarriorTeam Ninja Warrior
Esquire, 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Action, Sports, Game Show
Rating: 3/5

The physics-defying obstacle course competition American Ninja Warrior hits a whole new level with Team Ninja Warrior, where for the first time ever, the mother of all obstacle courses is now built for two. ANW's Akbar Gbajabiamila and Matt Iseman host some of the greatest past Warrior competitors as they race head-to-head in a newly designed, but equally punishing, dual running course that incorporates speed, superhuman agility, skill and strategy. Coming January 2016 to Esquire Network.

Brew DogsBrew Dogs
Esquire, 2013 Cancelled/Ended | Cooking/Food, Lifestyle, Reality | ► Trailer
Rating: 5/5

Two Scottish brewers travel to a new American craft beer destination each week to craft a brew that captures the essence of the showcased city.

Friday Night TykesFriday Night Tykes
Esquire, 2014 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Children, Sports, Reality
Rating: 3/5

With exclusive access to the 8 to 9 year-old Rookies division in the San Antonio region of the Texas Youth Football Association (TYFA), FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES follows five teams on and off the field throughout the 2013 season, from pre-season training through the state championships. Along the way, cheerleaders cheer, tailgaters barbecue and the crowd goes wild, but intense rivalries flare, parents and coaches clash and the young players face some very adult pressures and concerns, from extreme training drills, heckling from rabid fans, and balancing on-the-field expectations against a typical off-the-field childhood.

The Real O.J. Simpson TrialThe Real O.J. Simpson Trial
Esquire, 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Crime, Documentary, Mini-Series
Rating: 5/5

A 12-episode documentary series that explores the most intriguing, controversial and poignant moments from the 1995 murder trial of actor and sports hero/retired professional football running back Orenthal James "O.J." Simpson, including opening statements from both the prosecution and the defense, key witness and police testimonies, the infamous "gloves" moment, closing statements and, finally, the stunning verdict that was delivered on October 3, 1995. No re-enactments, voice-overs, dramatics or theatrics can replace the facts and the polarizing figures who were in that courtroom every day during the trial.

Car MatchmakerCar Matchmaker
Esquire, 2014 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Automobiles, How To/Do It Yourself, Reality
Rating: 5/5

In each half hour episode of Car Matchmaker, Feresten finds a guy in need of a car, gets to know him, and then draws upon his two decades of expertise and instinct to find three different cars perfectly suited to the buyer. At the end of each episode, a car is chosen. Whether it's someone looking to reconnect with a car from their past, a guy lusting after the muscle car of his dreams, or the father of triplets searching for a manly "dadmobile," Spike doesn't pick the expected car - but he always picks the perfect one.

Knife FightKnife Fight
Esquire, 2013 Cancelled/Ended | Cooking/Food, Reality

Don't worry, this show isn't as violent as the title makes it appear. These "knife fights" take place after hours in the kitchen of The Gorbals, a downtown Los Angeles restaurant owned by show host and former "Top Chef" winner Ilan Hall. Each episode features two culinary battles - billed as the undercard and the title bout - with each pitting two of the city's most exciting chefs against each other in a competition during which they must make at least two dishes in one hour using a combination of two or three secret ingredients. Joining the combatants in the kitchen is a rowdy crowd of friends, family, celebrities and restaurant critics who cheer and heckle the chefs during the tense battle. Judging each battle is a three-person panel that includes Hall and two rotating spots featuring celebrities and food experts. Because this is a televised competition series, there must be a big prize for the winners, right? No. To paraphrase Hall, it's all about a genuine love of food.

The GetawayThe Getaway
Esquire, 2013 Cancelled/Ended | Celebrities, Travel, Reality

Anyone can be a tourist, but to experience a city like a local takes a great guide. From executive producer Anthony Bourdain and Zero Point Zero Production, comes a series that tags along with travel-loving celebs as they explore the world's most amazing cities. Each week a new celeb takes on a new city - meeting culinary innovators, sampling local libations and exploring the hot spots that make these getaways unforgettable.

Friday Night Tykes: Steel CountryFriday Night Tykes: Steel Country
Esquire, 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Sports, Reality

Western Pennsylvania, home of football legends. Follow six teams in the Beaver County Youth Football League in what was once the backbone of industrial America, where jobs have vanished, the bridges that connect communities rusted over, but everyone is still drawn together by a great tradition... football.

Esquire, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Reality, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

Master Sommelier is a title earned by passing one of the passing one of the world's most difficult exams. Only over 200 people have earned that title. This docu-series follows six aspiring master sommeliers from New York, as they prepare for the Court of Masters Sommelier exam.

The AgentThe Agent
Esquire, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Sports, Reality, Documentary

This show chronicles the journey leading up to the NFL 2015 draft: the relentless ambition, ruthless pressure and high stakes of the pursuit to secure that top pick. Some call it the hustle and grind, but it's all about survival.

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