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The Amazing RaceThe Amazing Race
CBS, 2001 Running | Family, Adventure, Travel, Educational | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.4/5

The Amazing Race is a thrilling adventure where teams race around the world to win $1,000,000. They visit breathtaking locations and face exciting challenges. With intense competition and unexpected twists, this Emmy-winning reality show is a must-watch for fans of travel and adventure.

The Curse of Oak IslandThe Curse of Oak Island
History, 2014 Running | Family, Adventure, Educational, Reality | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.4/5

In the North Atlantic is a mysterious, and possibly booby-trapped island that has fired the imagination of treasure hunters for more than 200 years. Two brothers from Michigan will take new technology and old-fashioned know-how and attempt to discover what's buried there once and for all.

Cosmos (2014)Cosmos (2014)
Nat Geo, 2014 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Discovery/Science, Educational, Reality | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.8/5

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey is a 13-part docu-series that explores the universe as revealed by science. It serves as a successor to the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning original series. Seth MacFarlane teams up with Carl Sagan's original creative collaborators to conceive the series. It is a voyage for the stars that is stunning and iconic.

Discovery, 2003 Cancelled/Ended | Mystery, Discovery/Science, Educational, Reality | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.4/5

MythBusters is a TV series that explores myths, urban legends, and improbable sayings. They test these theories to find out if they are true or not. The show investigates popular misconceptions such as whether you can go insane by having water drip on your forehead, or how hard it is to find a needle in a haystack.

BBC Two, 2003 Running | Comedy, Celebrities, Educational, Game Show | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.5/5

QI is a British comedy panel show that tackles questions about the unknowns of the world, such as life, consciousness, and the universe. Hosted by Stephen Fry and later Sandi Toksvig, the show features a rotating panel of comedians who earn points for interesting answers rather than correct ones.

Ancient AliensAncient Aliens
History, 2010 Running | Family, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Discovery/Science | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.3/5

What if life on Earth began in outer space? Millions of people accept the theory that intelligent life forms visited Earth thousands of years ago and were worshiped as gods by primitive man.

Sister WivesSister Wives
TLC, 2010 Running | Family, Educational, Lifestyle, Religion | ► Trailer
Rating: 3.5/5

Sister Wives follows Kody and his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and a new addition, as they navigate their polygamist lifestyle with their 13 children. The series offers an inside look into the challenges and joys of living in a plural marriage, including the complexities of adding a new wife to the family dynamic.

Million Dollar Listing: New YorkMillion Dollar Listing: New York
Bravo, 2012 Cancelled/Ended | Educational, Reality | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.4/5

Enter the high-stakes world of Manhattan's elite realtors as they hustle to close multi-million dollar deals in record time. With cutthroat competition and jaw-dropping properties, Million Dollar Listing: New York is a thrilling ride for anyone interested in the luxury real estate market.

Pawn StarsPawn Stars

Pawn Stars is a TV series set in a pawn shop near Las Vegas, where Richard, Rick and Corey Harrison evaluate items and uncover their stories. The show features the Harrisons and their team as they haggle with customers, negotiate deals, and offer insights into the history and value of unique items.

Mr. SelfridgeMr. Selfridge
ITV, 2013 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Family, Educational, History | ► Trailer
Rating: 3.4/5

Mr. Selfridge is a TV series that tells the real-life story of the flamboyant and visionary American founder of London's Selfridge's department store. The show portrays the challenges and triumphs of Harry Gordon Selfridge as he builds his retail empire and navigates the complex world of high-end retail in early 20th century London.

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