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The Block Season 9 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Welcome To The Block!
2First Room Begins
3Settle the Score
4Building Delays
5Design Disputes & The Block Unlocked
6Guest Bedrooms Revealed
7Scotty's Game Changer
8Safety First
9Love Thy Neighbour Challenge
10Problem After Problem
11The Block Unlocked (Guest Bedroom)
12Main Bathroom Revealed
13The Jury Votes
14Secret Rooms and Building Delays
15Pop Up Shop Challenge
16Pop Up Shop Politics
17The Block Unlocked (Main Bathrooms)
18Bedroom and Study Room Reveal
19Jury with a Difference
20Take Down The Walls
21Taking Shape
22In Trouble
23The Block Unlocked (Bedroom and Study)
24Master Bedrooms Revealed
25The Block Jury Votes
26Pop Up Shop Is Revealed
27The Best Challenge Ever
28Staircases and Laundries
29The Block Unlocked (Master Bedroom)
30Laundry and Staircase Reveal
31The Buyers Vote
32Kitchen Build Continues
33Brothers' Kitchen Nightmare
34Will There Be An Audit?
35The Block Unlocked (Laundry and Staircase)
36Kitchen Reveal
37The Jury Votes
38Living and Dining on a Budget
39Australian Made Challenge
40The Block Audit
41The Block Unlocked (Kitchens)
42Living and Dining Room Revealed
43Jury Revenge
44Keith's Discovery
45Reno Replay Challenge Begins
46Reno Replay Challenge Results
47The Block Unlocked (Living and Dining Rooms)
48Ensuites Revealed
49Jury Votes
50Children First Charity Challenge
51Terraces Take Shape
52Keith Faces An Uprising
53The Block Unlocked (Ensuites)
54Terraces Are Revealed
55Block's Biggest Bust Up
56Apartment 6 Challenge Gets Competitive
57Keith Recruits New Labourers
58Keith Accused of Playing Favourites
59The Block Unlocked (Terraces)
60Apartment 6 Revealed
61Darren Defies Keith's Kitchen Request
62Brothers Caught in Rooftop Hell
63Challenge Apartment Downstairs Rooms Revealed
64The Block Unlocked (Apartment 6)
65The Auction