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Simon Farnaby

Simon Farnaby

United Kingdom

Age: 48

Born: 02 Apr, 1973

Known for

In Ghosts as Julianas Julian

in Ghosts
In Detectorists as Artas Art

in Detectorists
In Yonderland as Negatusas Negatus

in Yonderland
In Yonderland as Vice-Elder Flowersas Vice-Elder Flowers

in Yonderland

TV Series Starring Simon Farnaby

BBC One, 2019 | Comedy, Fantasy | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.5/5

The crumbling country pile of Button Hall is home to numerous restless spirits who have died there over the centuries - each ghost very much a product of their time, resigned to squabbling with each other for eternity over the most inane of daily gripes. But their lives - or, rather, afterlives - are thrown into turmoil when a young urban couple - Alison and Mike - surprisingly inherit the peaceful derelict house and make plans to turn it into a bustling family hotel. As the ghosts attempt to oust the newcomers from their home, and Mike and Alison discover the true scale of the project they've taken on, fate conspires to trap both sides in an impossible house share, where every day is, literally, a matter of life and death.

BBC Four, 2014 | Comedy, Discovery/Science | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.8/5

This series follows two friends who go in search of their hearts desires with metal detectors.

Man vs WeirdMan vs Weird

The show follows Simon Farnaby as he travels around the world looking for people who claim to have extraordinary powers.

On the Yorkshire BusesOn the Yorkshire Buses

On the Buses' follows the men and women on staff at the East Yorkshire Motor Services - Yorkshire's biggest family-run bus company, based in Hull.

Sky 1, 2013 | Comedy, Fantasy, Puppets | ► Trailer
Rating: 3.5/5

A bored young mum steps through a portal and finds herself in a world of "incompetent knights, monks who are incapable of lying, and a race of people intent on firing the cleverest amongst them into the sun".

The Midnight BeastThe Midnight Beast
E4, 2012 | Comedy, Music

Sitcom featuring band and online comedy phenomenon The Midnight Beast as wannabe musicians struggling to make it.

Jam & JerusalemJam & Jerusalem
BBC One, 2006 | Comedy, Family
Rating: 1/5

Set in a small West Country village, Jam & Jerusalem is all about Sal who, along with best friend Tip, the surgery's receptionist with an intricate knowledge of everyone's ailments, lives a busy life at the center of their community.