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Allen Leech

Allen Leech


Age: 42

Born: 18 May, 1981

Known for

In Downton Abbey as Tom Bransonas Tom Branson

in Downton Abbey
In Bellevue as Eddie Roweas Eddie Rowe

in Bellevue
In The Vanishing Triangle as Detective David Burkelyas Detective David Burkely

in The Vanishing Triangle
In Revolution in Colour as Narratoras Narrator

in Revolution in Colour

TV Series Starring Allen Leech

The Vanishing TriangleThe Vanishing Triangle

In The Vanishing Triangle, investigative journalist Lisa Wallace publishes an article about her mother's murder, which sparks the disappearance of Amy Reynolds. Alongside Detective David Burkely, the two work together to find Amy. Their investigation takes them around Ireland, as more girls go missing. As they follow every lead, some end up dead ends, but all the while, the killer plays psychological torture games with Lisa, putting her in compromising situations. As they get closer to finding the killer, David and Lisa learn more about the long-rooted corruption in the GardaĆ­ system. To cover their tracks, high-ranking GardaĆ­ members blackmail David with his own secrets. The investigative trail finally leads Lisa to the killer, where they face off again after all these years. In the end, she must confront her childhood trauma in order to save the missing girls.

CBC, 2017 | Drama, Crime, Mystery, Thriller | ► Trailer
Rating: 3.3/5

Bellevue is a small town mystery where Detective Annie Ryder investigates the disappearance of a transgender teen, facing suspicion on those she knows. As the case progresses, Annie is confronted with a disturbing person from her past. Starring Anna Paquin, Allen Leech, and Shawn Doyle.

Revolution in ColourRevolution in Colour

Revolution in Colour is a TV series that explores the rise of radicalisation among Nationalists and Unionists in the years preceding the 1918 British general election. Professor Eunan O'Halpin provides an in-depth analysis of the events that led to the election, shedding light on the political climate of the time.

Downton AbbeyDownton Abbey
ITV, 2010 | Drama, Family, Romance, History | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.7/5

Downton Abbey is a British drama series about the Crawley household in 1912. It was created by Julian Fellowes and stars Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville, and Elizabeth McGovern. The show explores the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants, highlighting the social changes of the time. It premiered in 2010.